Understanding the Creative Process Behind Professional Logos

Good professional logos don’t just grow on trees or appear in thin air. They’re the hard work of a dedicated team of seasoned designers with years of experience under their collective belts. Every designer follows a creative process that ensures high quality results within a reasonable time frame, all while allowing the designer the freedom to exercise their creativity and explore avenues others may not find.


The typical creative process involves many of the following steps:

  • Client discovery – This is where the average firm gets to know the client and gain insight on their needs.

  • Industry discovery – During this stage, designers gain insight on current industry trends.

  • Application discovery – Every logo has a use case, which makes thoughtful design crucial for success.

  • Concept phase – Sketches and visual mockups showcase potential design directions.

  • Refinement phase – Once a design is chosen, it undergoes refinement and feedback.


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