5 Interesting Facts About Graphic Designers

Here are a few interesting facts you might not have known about the people who make great designs happen:

  • Influential type designer William Addison Dwiggins first coined the term “graphic design” in 1922.

  • Designers don’t simply work in a single field. Their expertise allows them to handle a broad range of projects, from signs and flyers to training manuals.

  • Graphic designers take plenty of paths to learn their craft and succeed. Some are self-taught while others learn the craft at university.

  • There are plenty of people who’ve become famous thanks to their graphic design work. Major names include Paul Rand, Milton Glaser and Stefan Sagmeister.

  • The iconic Nike “swoosh” logo, one of the most recognizable logos in history, was the creation of graphic designer Carolyn Davidson, who was paid $35 for her work in 1971.


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